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    Duck feeder

    Is there any way to have more than one duck show up at a time when you fill the feeder? Just curious.


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    Sure, in theory . The products you can feed them with shows how many feathers you can get.

    Bread 1-2 normal
    Bagel 1-3 normal; 0-1 colorful
    Banana bread 2-4 normal; 1-2 colorful

    The normal feathers tell you how many ducks you can get with a particular product. Now, the colorful tells you how many of those that show up can also give you colorful feathers. That's just mean that the duck has a green neck (I think it's green XD) and it gives both a normal and colorful feather. I am pretty sure you know all of this though, but I am bored so I wrote something.

    But the thing is, that they nerfed the chances a while ago. I think it was around when the otters were introduced to the game. And now, even with banana bread a lot of the times we get only 2 ducks, which is a total BS... On windows we don't have the otters yet, and it's much easier to get feathers. There, you can get colorful feathers even with bread! Also, bagel usually gives 2 and banana bread gives 3 and even 4 quite often.

    PS : I have been using bread only for a while now and it works quite nice for me. I just store like 20 at all times. If I need colorful, then I use something else or check the market. But mostly bread. Also, when you get a second feeder, your life becomes a little easier. Although that down feather factory is annoying...
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    I pretty much always feed banana bread and three ducks would be typical for me. Sometimes it's only two, but I do still sometimes get 4 ducks maybe once in 7 or 8 feedings.

    I just checked my ponds and one had three ducks (one green head) and the other had three ducks (two green heads). I collected from the first and got three ducks (two green heads). Especially after building the down factory, I use a lot of the white feathers and it feels like a waste of time to feed them anything else now. I buy banana bread from Raja a lot.

    I don't think I get 4 nearly as often as when the ducks were first added, but pretty sure they are showing up more often now than a few months ago.
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    Glad to hear others are having the same issue. When the ducks were first introduced there were so many blue feathers it was difficult to use them up. When a friend occasionally asked for white feathers, I always had plenty. Now I have to be stingy because I am getting fewer. I usually use bagels but do buy banana bread from the grocer when my blue feathers are low.
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    I always use Banana Bread fir feeding.
    I tend to get 3 ducks in one feeder and 2 in the other, with the occasional 4 ducks thrown in.
    I usually get one blue feather each time, and occasionally 2.
    I haven’t built the down factory and have no intention of doing so lol, thus I only use the feathers to make other items, such as the Tyrolean Hat,
    Or to fill planes and trains.

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    I don't think it matters. I've had an additional duck arrive after closing sometimes.

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    Like Mayfield said, doesn't matter. I've tested that too before. You have to wait like 5 seconds, before you can confirm how many you get, but doesn't matter what you do after you used up a product. You can stay and watch, or you can leave. Many times I just used a banana bread, saw one duck flying in, then I clicked quickly away, wait a few seconds, then check it again and would you look at that, 3-4 ducks.
    But either way I still get more on windows Especially colorful...

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