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Thread: A new area to decorate!

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    A new area to decorate!

    I recently seen a comment on one of the Township facebook pages asking for a new area and I think it's a great idea! Some of us have so many decorations that we have to store alot and that's annoying because I didnt get them to store them! So how about a new area like maybe you can take a boat across the water to a new town area to start decorating, with new community buildings and new houses and more space for decorations! 😍 I have already expanded my whole town so I'm out of room and I have to wait for each update that has like two new expansions and that holds what maybe two decorations. I have over one hundred things in storage. Please think about this! I think everyone would like this idea! It's something new and exciting to people! Thanks!!

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    Or what if they made a tunnel through the mountains and over to a new area on the other side. I really feel like this would bring some excitement to the game especially for people on the higher levels that have expanded all their land. And for the people that arent ready that are still working on their current towns dont have to work on it yet. Work on it when you're ready. It's kinda like starting over on a new town!

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    It's a nice idea indeed, but not new at all - it has been suggested so often, and in various forms, it made it to the Frequently Suggested-Ideas-list, which was set up quite some time ago. At the bottom of the list it shows what has been implemented meanwhile - none of these ideas for new regions, alas.
    You might try to send in your suggestions from ingame, as the Devs don't react here.

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    I like the idea as well.
    I’m. Deco hoarder, if possible I have to get them all.
    I have almost 1,000 in storage, can’t remember exact figure. Some are so old I forget they are even there lol.
    Think I would need a whole game more to place them all lol.
    But, it would be nice to get some of them out.
    Maybe if a we all send in the feedback they may look at it...but..I won’t hold my breath lol

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    I agree. If they want us to keep forking over 40, 60, 80 tcash or more to buy decorations, they ought to give us somewhere to put them.

    Personally, I've always favored the tunnel to new space solution, using an interface similar to entering the zoo.
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