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Thread: Server down

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    Server problems

    Is there are problem with the server this morning. The regatta is still loading data and the chat box is empty and loading too. Anyone else having this problem which started dead on 9 am British summer time?

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    Same here.

    [edit] the server came up for about thirty seconds and it’s down again.
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    Yes me too. I can play game but no chat or regatta

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    Server down

    Just at the beginning of the new regatta.

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    I was just coming here to post this.

    I get the can't connect to server message too.

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    It's very laggy for me too, but I managed to pick a task and complete it. Had to wait 1 minute for the co-op chat to load. Also have to wait a lot before I can visit anyone, but it works eventually.
    I like that these messages always imply that the problem is definetely on your end .

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    Must be a glitch, they’ll fix it soon I suppose.

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    It seems to be ok now.

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