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Thread: Playing more than one game

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    Playing more than one game

    I am bored. I have basically finished my town and zoo. Want to keep the game I have now and stay with my team but would like to start over. I love this game and thought it would be fun to do it again. I dont want play 2 regattas just start another town. Can I do it?

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    Yes, you can, provided you have two separate devices with separate accounts on them (to avoid the possibility that one town would override the other).

    Also keep in mind that some platforms are not compatible with the others, so if you want your two towns to be able to interact with one another (be in the same co-op, be friends, be able to visit one town from the other), you should have them on the same platform: Windows can only interact with Windows, MAC only with MAC, and Android - iOS - Kindle can interact with one another.
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    3 devices. 3. Towns.... Who said sad?

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