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    Why are we not able to view ads on the train map pin points any longer?

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    I don't have a train map. You mean the helicopter orders?

    For some players, the ads just seem to come and go.

    For players who don't spend real money for a long time, the ads seem to disappear after you do buy something.

    What it means is the TS marketing program now sees you as someone willing to spend money when you need or want to, so they give you less tcash for free so you will pay for it instead. This happened to a lot of nonspenders who bought the gold pass in the first lab event. The ads did eventually come back, but most people do not get the large number of ads they used to get.

    This does not seem to effect players who spend real money regularly. Those players continue to get the video guy ads, but usually only a couple ads a day.
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