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    New suggestions

    Please add indian style restaurant and medical factory .. decrease expansion meterials .then township customers faces add more. Add tourism in islands and fort. Zoom out options need much more.take Arial view of my town. Islands people and design not clearly when zoom in add electronic factory like computer components and mobile. Thanks also need hotel.

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    Hi Xtreme, Welcome to the forum.
    We already have an Asian style restaurant.
    Sorry but I have to say we done need any more factories that just causes more work and even slower progress through the game.
    I think the expansion materials are quite low, compared for example to those needed for factories etc,
    The fort, is on our no no list for anything being done to it, although it is used fir an event during Halloween.
    we already have a selection of Hotels, maybe you are not at the required level to get them
    We do have a computer shop, though it doesn’t make anything.

    There is a way to get an Ariel view of your town, if you do a search you may be able to find the thread dealing with this.
    Or...maybe another player can explain or post the link.

    Also when you have time, take a look at the sticky threads at the top of each sub forum, they are full of good advice and strategies,
    And some of your requests may be answered .

    Most of all enjoy your game and just have fun

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    Xtreme, I LOVE the idea for an Indian resturant! We might even get a new crop out of it: lentils! Or maybe paneer from the dairy shop! I would adore making dal and curry in my town.

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