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Thread: Bring back 1 dollar

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    Bring back 1 dollar

    To whom it may concern

    Players would like to have full time add of paying 1 tcash dollar to help your fellow friends , in one hour of posting this on township group in Facebook , 67 people want this change , and number is quickly climbing , please , change this over , inserted is a picture of the Facebook group page , everyone wants this change , I love this game , but quickly losing interest because of this , make the players happy , we all want this

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    Hi Xkingerx, Welcome to the forum,
    The dollar help scheme is part if the events we have, and whilst it will be repeated, I don’t think it will be made permanent.
    There are many reasons for that which would take far too long to explain than this posts allows for.
    It would seem to be in Playrixs interests to have us all spending cash, but there are drawbacks too.
    FE not every player has the means to play that way, so it wouldn’t be in the interest of fairness.
    The number of 67 and rising is not even a blip when you think there are millions playing this game. If you click on Earnies town you can see that figure.

    Who knows..Playrix may just introduce it, we just never know lol
    Enjoy your game and keep smiling

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