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    Merge House

    Hi !

    First, I have to tell you I'm french and I don't really speack english... I wish I'll succeed to explain my idea clearly...

    I have notice two things :
    - often, players pack their houses in a corner to have more space for the great events decorations. Houses take too much space.
    - after level 100, there is nothing to expect, level up give nothing new.

    I have an idea to concilliate this two things : get a new function at level 100 : the possibility to merge the houses ! We can take two identical houses and merge them. We get only one house, the same as the ones we merged, but with 1 more floor for the one square area house ( "cape cod cottage", "bungalow", "conch house"...) or 2 more floor for the two squares area houses (hight-rise, "block house", "garden appartment"...).
    To be more clear, let's call normal houses "basic house", and the house that we get by the merging of two identical normal house, "merge 1"

    At lvl 100, we'll can merge only once, and we will can merge once again only at lvl 105, 110, 115, 120, etc, and only two "basic house" to get one "merge 1"

    At lvl 200, we'll can merge two identical "merge 1" to have one "merge 2", we get the same house but again with some more floors.
    We'll can merge two "merge 1" each ten level up (lvl 200, 210, 220, etc)

    With this idea, we'll be happy to continue to level up even if we are already lvl 100+

    Does I have explain clearly my idea ?
    What do you think about her ?

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    Oui, c'est compréhensible
    Bonne idée, en principe. Mon seul souci serait la hauteur de ces maisons amalgamées/ superposées. C'est en partie pour éviter que les maisons hautes ne cachent le décor qu'on les place de côté.

    Nice idea in principle. My worry would be the height of merged houses. It's because tall houses hide decor that they get shoved to the side.

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    Je me suis posé la même question, mais en plaçant 2 bâtiments identiques l'un derrière l'autre, puis un imaginant celui de devant réhaussé de deux étages, il me semble bien qu'il ne dissimule pas beaucoup celui qui est placé derrière lui, et donc que visuellement, un bâtiment de 6 étages prend moins de place que 2 de 4 étages, non ?

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