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    Level 100 picture

    I have levelled up to 100.. wahay..!! But WHY is the "prize" new profile picture female...!!..?? I am male and think that this is totally sexist..where is my MALE picture to recognise this achievement..?? This is total sexism and should not be happening... what are your polices on this issue?

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    Hi jiw654, Welcome to the forum,
    Just to clarify this forum is mainly players helping other players, so unfortunately we cannot comment on policies regarding your question,
    Personally I’ve never looked at the sexist side of the profile pictures, I just see them, this one in particular, as an achievement.

    If you really feel strongly about this may I suggest you send your thoughts and suggestion direct to Playrix in game.
    Will be interesting to see what their response is.

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    Tnx Cuddz for dealing with this so diplomatically. The profile pics are there to use or not level 100 you have so many to chose from, whats the issue????

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    I don't find the op complaint stupid at all. Players do tend to choose avatars they feel representative of themselves. Avatars for leveling do generally alternate genders, mostly using town characters, but I don't think I have ever used any of the male avatars.

    For a major milestone like 100 levels, they really should have made two, or used an animal, or even made one with no creatures, just 100 graphic of some kind.

    Level 100 is a big deal and it seems fair to want to show off that achievement. The very ordinary looking lady avatar is a totally lame choice, regardless of gender.
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    Thank you Cuddz for Your view..but I just expected as pointed out by Mayfield something as recognition at level 100...?? But my point was mainly that why would the game assume that as a Male I would want to use a picture of a female as my avatar. It's something of a personal choice but I prefer to be identified correctly as a male which I believe is my equal right?

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