Since you can only use 3 boosters at a time and the preferred boosters for the industrial boom would likely be different than what you'd choose for the double reward, I'm just curious what boosters everyone decided on and why?

I was really torn but ended up focusing on the Double Reward to stock my coin account, so I went with:

- Generous Customer (double hell coins)
- Vibrant Market (items updated twice as often)
- Spacious Barn (20% on top of the Gold pass)

If I could have had a 4th, I would have gone with Record Demand (new helicopter orders appear 80% faster) that I won in the but I just felt like I wouldn't have the barn space to handle buying up the market for all these orders.

It's was fun to win Industrial Boom last time, but it's hard to pass up on millions of coins for 50 cash and 8 load tickets. Plus it's a lot of work for the reward.