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Thread: Why do they always try to cheat you or think you're lying

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    Why do they always try to cheat you or think you're lying

    I buy the packages from time to time and almost never have a problem.
    So when I do you would think they would try to fix it instead of telling u to go to Googleplay and get refund. Like your business doesn't matter to them.
    I told them that I didn't get what I paid for and they just deleted our conversation and didn't fix the purchase product.
    Anyone else have this problem?

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    They recommended contacting Google Play because all purchases we made in the game are made with the app store the game was downloaded from, not with Playrix directly. So when something goes wrong with a purchase, the store is the first place to check for a problem.
    My advice is to contact them (Google Play) and have them check your account and see why the transaction didn't go through.
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