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Thread: Please answer this

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    Please answer this

    Can anyone please tell me.. If I activate helicopter lab booster in this time when the double reward event is going on.. So, will I get 4× reward of sending helicopters. Ideally I should get 2 double rewards. Please clear.

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    Working for me (Android)

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    Please explain

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    Yes, you can “stack” the lab booster on top of the event rewards

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    It's not actually double on double but both boosters give you double the originally award so it is more like 3x the original award.

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    Quote Originally Posted by just_a_minute View Post
    It's not actually double on double but both boosters give you double the originally award so it is more like 3x the original award.
    Yes, I've seen it explained as:

    The coins shown in any helicopter order is actually the sum of two numbers, the "base" value of the product and the "factory bonus" that is applied to the "base value" because of the upgrades done to the factory that produced the item.

    The "generous customer" booster only doubles the "base" value. The "factory bonus" is then added to that result for that product (note, crops, island goods, and animal products do not have a "factory bonus"). After that is applied, the "Double Reward" event is applied to double the amount.

    So, with the "Generous Customer" booster activated during the "Double Reward" mini event you will see

    (Product Base * 2x Generous Customer + Factory Bonus) * 2x Double Reward

    Because each product in a helicopter order may come from a different factory the "factory bonus" amount will vary throughout the total order. So it is extremely unlikely that you will see a true "doubling" or "quadrupling" of what the original helicopter order would have been.
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    Okayzz.. Very nicely explained. Thanku Cdosr. 😊☺ I am hoping to earn good enough this time.

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    Here is an example of an order yesterday, this morning with event bonus, and this afternoon with both bonus and 2x copter coin booster.

    1478 coins x3 would be 4437 so it's better than just the 1478 bonus twice.

    1478 coins x2 x2 would be 5912, so it's not that either.

    Whatever, it's a great chance to pile up some coins in a hurry and to empty a lot of stuff out of our soon to shrink barns. Excellent timing on TS part.
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    Interesting. The "Double Reward" event seemed to have truly doubled the order = 1478 * 2 = 2956. The "Generous Customer" is definitely *not* 2 x that.

    Just curious, what is the % coin increase in the 3 factories involved in that order, Pastry Factory, Jam Factory, and the Grill Factory?

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    I took the pictures of three different orders so I can list the other two later.

    Pastry coin bonus is 40, jam is 50 and grill is 20%.

    Those are the numbers showing at the Academy.
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