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Thread: Losing T-cash in Sweet Week Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post
    I agree it isn’t the players fault that Playrix don’t give a warning, and really they should, however,
    If we as players weren’t rushing so much the accidental spending wouldn’t happen.
    It has happened to me before, but I am more careful now, and take my time to look at my game properly.
    Yes I agree if you don’t realise you are doing it, it’s impossible to put it right, but I’m not sure how that can be rectified.
    Even with a confirmation button, players complain about accidentally spending, so do we add a secondary confirmation?
    No you're covering several situations in your post that must be (IMO) looked at separately.

    For the actions where the existing confirmation button works, ppl must slow down, totally right.

    Then there are a few situations, listed in the thread I linked above, which Graylady thankfully keeps alive, where the confirmation does not work, but should and is rightfully expected - there Playrix should touch up/work over (nachbessern) and either make it work OR add a clear warning. Until then, ppl must play slowly on everything that COULD cost Tcash... that has consequences for someone's playing style (and time); no wonder, that ppl complain

    Here we were talking about the situation where the confirmation does not work, and (IMO) cannot be expected either. That is in mini games that are time-sensitive for winning. Time management games IOW, like the last cooking event.
    There it would be indeed uncommon (game style) and hindering to have a confirmation each time for refilling sthg. But accidentally refill does not happen here cos the players act too fast - they must be fast, in this case!

    But, as far as I remember, we weren't told so clearly, AND neither that it would cost Tcash, just btw, not coins or whatever else. IOW, Playrix would have to work on their game description here and add a clear warning also, also in the description behind the question mark in game window, that is available during game time -
    + sure, in a way that doesn't scare the players away cos paying IS what P hopes for, but in any case not let it run as thoughtless as now, with the result like here that players spend Tcash and don't even notice, or its reason.

    I have played this minigame here before, and even then was reminded this time only when I tapped the first time on an empty box that refilled then. Esp those on the right side, quasi under my hand, were "good" for that. I then worked with a brake on my finger, so to speak *g* (if you don't let go the finger, but slowly glide away, you MIGHT be able to not let the spending happen).
    But in any case, THAT behaviour of the game is game style related and HAS to be explained clearly.
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    Even though I was ultra careful during Sweet Week and very aware I could spend t cash accidentally during the game I still made the occasional double tap on refills, it seems a reflex action on my part in a way which favours the game! I’ve no idea what the answer to this is, apart from blaming myself, but I think it should be more difficult to double click.

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    I do the same thing! I think it’s because I’m frazzled and going too fast. I just click on the item I need even when it’s filling... then I accidentally use tcash. Of course I tried slowing down. That was unsuccessful. Then I “solved” the problem by using all my tcash by buying boxes in factories so I had nothing left before playing the event. 😂 That way I had no tcash to waste in the event.

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