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    I got the thing that lets me watch an ad for a reward, but my device keeps crashing when I click on it. Why won't it automatically give the reward to me if I click on the "watch video" button even if I'm forced out of the game?

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    Hi xangru , Welcome to the forum,
    The game is programmed so you have to watch the full video.
    If you are getting thrown out of the game it will not register that you have watched it, so you won’t get the reward.

    why is the game throwing you out? have you got the required specs to play smoothly.?
    if you have and it continues, it might be an idea to report the issue in game.

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    I sometimes have video playback issues, not just with Township but with other games and sometimes Youtube. "premature exit", aka, "video crashing" can be caused by your device's player software. I periodically completely shut down my device (not "sleep mode" but "full power off") and then reboot to clear out any software "cobwebs". It often works.

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