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Thread: Fall decor

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    Fall decor

    I love to decorate my town according to what season we are in and my favorite season is the Fall! I would love to see decorations of children jumping in a pile of leaves or pumpkin carving or apple picking etc. The only Fall season decor are Halloween which is great too, but generic Fall decor would be great to have in my town during that time of year!! That way it can go well with the change of trees in the game!

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    Thank you christbarr!

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    Fall is my favorite season as well. I love that idea! I would love a mix of red, yellow and orange ground covering as well. (We have the option to make green grass for the summer and snow for the winter, why not have a ground covering that looks like fallen leaves too.)

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    That would look so awesome Walkingmoose! 😊

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    We do have a selection of fall decos. However I think most of them come with an event.
    I’m sure they will pop up again as others do in the fall season

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    I look forward to it Cuddz, thank u!

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