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Thread: Advice needed

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    Advice needed

    I was recently made leader of my co-op, and I have no idea what I’m doing. Any tips on how to be a good leader would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Set a good example of fair play. Talk to your co-op about how they want to play and enforce whatever rules you guys decide you want, even if that means kicking people out. I am the leader of a pretty laid-back group. Our only rule is to respect regatta reservations. I have only had to kick 2 people in the last 2 years for breaking that rule, so Ive had it pretty easy. Assume that if people dont speak up or leave, they are happy with you.

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    Communicate and be clear on what is expected. Positive feedback and encouragement to your team. Promote the players that have proven themselves to be helpful and active. Be on the chat often. I've visited too many co-ops that had absentee leaders. Trust and be trusted. Be consistent in enforcing the rules. Discourage drama.

    And I agree with dnana1, set a good example.

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    One leader, one Co leader, everyone else is elder. The regatta is optional, helping is encouraged. As leader you ensure every other players interests are put before your own. Works for me😊

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    Hi Ruby

    All above great advice, i would firstly establish how seriously your team wants to take the regatta, if you guys are casual players like my coop, your job will be easy as there are no rules, we just all play our best and all enjoy the rewards. No one gets frustrated with anyone who may be doing a little less than everyone else. If you have a split coop where some are serious and some not, it will be good to establish what your priority is. If you want to play the regatta seriously and most of your players are serious racers, ask your serious players for their input. Its always good to keep the majority of your team happy and they will always respect you for considering their input. If your team does not communicate because of a language barrier, you task is a little more difficult, but this is then the correct platform to ask for advice as most of the forum members have a good few years of play experience under the belt. As a leader it is also very important to keep popping into this forum even if it is just to read through new posts and keep updated on all new developments, tips and strategies to share with your team mates.

    Lastly never forget that's its a game and the priority should always be to have fun. Encourage and give praise where due, never discourage.

    Good Luck and enjoy.

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    Hi I have recently been made team leader I our township. I was looking at what i can do and I do not have access to kick out players.
    Not that I want to but if the situation arises I will need to act.
    Can anyone tell me why I do not have access even though I was promoted to team leader by the previous leader who is unwell, she is now a co leader in our group.
    Look forward to any information on the topic.

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    Go to your coop, click on any member and a tab pops up which allows the leader to change status etc.

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