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Thread: Co-op Member Advice

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    Co-op Member Advice

    I am the leader of my co-op and we have four members. Yesterday morning a new member showed up and none of the four of us know how they got on there. She does not speak any English only Spanish so I downloaded a Google translation keyboard but I have to go and try and decipher what she is saying and when I get it figured out I can go back and answer her with the translation board. It takes so much time and she gets a little bit annoyed if she has to wait for me to answer. She is not asking questions about The game she is asking questions about me where I live etc. I am spending so much time trying to figure out what she’s saying and then answering the questions that I am not getting much game time in seriously… It’s been two full days and it has taken so much time. My question is what should I do....what is a nice way to say no time for chit chat or should I kick her out....I really hate to do that due to a language barrier....and she has helped a couple members already.....I’m so excited to get one more member but this is so difficult and time consuming for me....any advice? Thank you.

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    Try this:

    Communication is key to a successful co-op. While I would love to learn more about you and your culture our focus should be more on the game and not on social interactions. I am finding it difficult to carry on even simple chats with you and I don't believe that our team will be able to operate effectively during a regatta. I feel it would be better for you to find a co-op that can communicate better with you. On our side I will require future members to speak English. Thanks for your help to our co-op in the past and good luck with your new team.

    La comunicación es clave para una cooperativa exitosa. Si bien me encantaría aprender más sobre usted y su cultura, nuestro enfoque debería estar más en el juego y no en las interacciones sociales. Me resulta difícil mantener conversaciones sencillas con usted y no creo que nuestro equipo pueda operar de manera efectiva durante una regata. Creo que sería mejor para usted encontrar una cooperativa que pueda comunicarse mejor con usted. Por nuestra parte, exigiré que los futuros miembros hablen inglés. Gracias por su ayuda a nuestra cooperativa en el pasado y buena suerte con su nuevo equipo.

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    Well.... That sounds perfect. I would love to have her in our co-op if it just didn’t take away so much time just simply trying to decipher what she is saying. Thank you so much for your advice.

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    We have a lady from Brazil in our co-op. She has been there since almost the beginning and spoke just enough English to say hi and thanks.
    My wife is a packrat polyglot, she can under stand and get by in 7 to 8 languages. She is not fluent in any of them other than English.
    But with google translate and her wanting to learn we get by.

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