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Thread: Disabled The Ability To Use Money To Finish Supply Production Quicker In Events

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    Disable The Ability To Use Money To Finish Supply Production Quicker In Events

    I don’t think we should allow people to use tbucks to finish supply production during the events. To clarify what mean, I’m talking about spending tbucks at whatever the time may be to complete supplies (30 minutes left-pay 4 tbucks) This causes the game to be a pay to win & makes it unfair to the people who don’t have the tbucks to spend on finishing supplies quicker. The playing field should be equal when it comes to competitions. How is it fair to people who are logging in every 30 mins to load more supplies while first place is easily thousands ahead because they’re paying for their supplies? I just think tbucks should be restricted from use in competitions when it comes to speeding up the production of supplies.
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    I 100% agree! If they’re unwilling to change that then they need to change the leaderboard name from “competition” to something else. Competitions should be about who can get work done and prove themselves. Why should you be able to pay to get a higher placement, or even first place? It completely defeats the purpose of a competition. It’s not even a competition at this point, but more about who is more willing to pay tbucks to get their products done faster. Look at the global leaderboards for a great example, it’s obvious they’re spending money to get to the placement they’re at, and for what? 50 tbucks? Oof sorry, ya played yourself.

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    I sure do understand where you are coming from...however, It’s not likely to change.
    From Playrix’ point if view this is a business and they want players to spend as much money as they can afford.
    I can’t see them stopping players from spending and in turn lowering their profit margins.
    We tend to think Playrix should care about their players, but in reality they have no reason to, as long as players are happy to fund the game.

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