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Thread: A wish I want

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    A wish I want

    I know this is it's own game but after seeing similar thing in other games would it be possible....

    Add an exclamation point to the Friends button for when someone need help?

    Paint does not have an exclamation point in it's shapes. But some where around the arrow would be good....

    2 and 1 half cents
    Thank you, Gary
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    For me, that exclamation point would be showing almost all the time, except of course during the first couple days of regatta races involving filling train or plane crates.

    I'd rather not have the exclamation mark. All it takes is one tap to expand that function, and the exclamation mark is on the friend tab there. Imo that's not too much effort, especially since we would need to make that tap even if the exclamation mark appeared on the screen icon. Considering how rarely the request list is empty, saving those few taps hardly seem worth the bother and added screen clutter.

    We already get an exclamation mark in chat when there us a coop member request pending.
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    I've noticed a severe lack of people asking for help. But I think that is my fault. I checked the other day and I have 10-15 co-op leaders as friends. I have very few friends under level 100.

    So I've basically helped my self out of clovers
    Thank you, Gary
    Windows 10 PC : Darkwood (Gary) , Silver Lake (Alana) Co-op : Stronger Together

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