Hi township friends,

This has been nagging me for quite some time now.

I live overseas and have quite some friends with asian names (that I can't read or even tell apart anymore).

In addition, I help a lot of people and think it would be more helpful for me and other players to keep track of who deserves to be helped first and more often. Since I noticed that quite a lot of players only help when it's an easy task.

So I would like to know what you think about this idea of mine.

I would like (not only show your recent helpers) but show when they last helped you (days/hours), how often they helped you and if they are active in the game or not.

Maybe a color system button that shows when you won't be able to play the game for a while or simple green when you are playing for a certain time per day.

This would make it easier for you to choose to keep your friends and friends won't abuse your generosity.

Thank you