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Thread: Lock regatta task reservations

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    Ohh I get it now, that's I think the best solution to this! So the game acknowledges people taking reservations, but the leader still has the power to reinforce their own rules. I second this. Do the developers read these threads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJay View Post
    I don't know about anyone else's game, but mine only offers me a choice of 15 languages. According to most websites I've looked at there are around 7000 different languages in the world. Obviously some are quite rare, but at least two of the top 10 most spoken (ie Hindi and Bengali) aren't offered (in my game). So it seems pretty obvious that some people are forced to play using a language that they may not speak fluently. If a co-op has a rule of fluent English (or Russian, or French, or whatever), then those are the rules they've chosen. But it would be sad if all co-ops thought like that wouldn't it?
    As Gary (gggillis) said earlier, we have a co-op that spans many different time zones and languages. Everyone speaks English to one extent or another, but I do habitually translate my responses to our Brazilian member to Portuguese because she likes that I take the time to do that. But I do really wonder: do these people really not know any English? And if they are really staring at complete gobbledygook on their screen, then are they not interested in using Google translate (or some comparable program) to find out what everyone is talking about? I don't mean to sound snobbish, but if I were in a co-op and someone joined who didn't speak the language and tromped all over everybody's toes because they din't understand the co-op rules...I'd be upset. It's not a matter of being accepting, etc. It explicitly states in the co-op description the preferred language. If you don't speak that language or make an effort to understand that language, it's probably not the co-op for you.
    Another thing: I know Saradise said in her original post that she hates to kick these people because they help out a lot. But I think you also need to consider the co-op members who have been frustrated by having their tasks stolen. Helpful players are great to have, but if the rest of your co-op gets fed up and leaves...that would be just as heartbreaking as kicking the helpers.
    Oh, and have you tried restricting them from the regatta? That might be a happy compromise.

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