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Thread: Promoting players

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    Promoting players

    My team members are always asking for a promotion- some are great players and helpers others ore only new to the team. What is the difference between elder and co leader? Can a co leader kick?

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    Co-leaders can kick other players, change the co-op settings, and literally do everything the leader can except change the leader's position as leader. Elders, depending on the co-op, can reserve tasks (some co-ops allow members to reserve, others only allow co-leaders and leaders to reserve) and invite others to the co-op.
    In my co-op on mobile, you are promoted to an elder after you prove you help your fellow co-op members and pull your weight in the regatta. Co-leadership is reserved for extra-amazing players. Some co-ops have only one or two co-leaders, some, everyone is a co-leader who's been there more than a month. Personally, if I started a new co-op, I would reserve the co-leadership for those who prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are loyal to the co-op and really are invested in it, and are unlikely to go gallivanting off to other co-ops.
    So in short, a co-leader can kick, but they can't kick the leader.

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    As mentioned in other threads, elders and co-leaders can do a lot of damage if "drama" gets out of hand. They can kick out or restrict a lot of players, dump a lot of tasks, and possibly even change co-op settings.

    Be sure you trust a new player before promoting them. A player who is asking to be promoted should be giving a reason for that request. If not, I would question their motive.

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