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Thread: sweet week

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    sweet week

    I really like the decos for this event. So I got the ones I wanted, and then went to the event itself and discovered that one I bought is the prize. grrrrr....But then, when I went to do the first try at the event, I discovered that the game is one I really, really, really disliked, and definitely didn't finish (it was fast food, I believe, last time I played it).

    So, I guess, got lucky this time with buying stuff before checking out the event. Lesson learned. Check first, then buy stuff.

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    There is another minigame on this same principle involving hamburgers and sausages, I think.

    It isn't one of my favorites either, but I do enjoy it at the beginning. I don't enjoy it when they increase the number and speed of customers to try to stress us out. Of course, we are all playing this game in search of more stress in our lives, right?

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    I like the game, but I can't see the orders well. It's all too small to really see what you need to make. So I mess up a lot and that's frustrating!

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    Light of the World~Emily
    This is based off another game I can't mention but played for a while. I ended up deleting that game because I was getting too frustrated in being unable to fill the orders fast enough, and not having whatever I needed to upgrade the wait times. I feel the same way about this mini game. I've ignored it so far...too bad, because I typically like Playrix's mini games. This cooking one is just so...frustrating. Unlike the planes. With the planes, you glide along...collecting rewards...

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    Don't like any of the mini games where I have to use products to get items to play the game. I prefer those where helicopter orders give me "tickets" to play the mini game. I just wait for gifts to play this "sweet" game. I'd rather use my products to fill orders for planes, train, helicopters, and helping other players.

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    I like this game well enough. I do wish there were more new & pretty decos to win.

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    Yes. Same problem in the Yacht Club. The ones I like, I already have.

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    I agree, it is hard to figure out what exactly the customers are ordering,

    Let alone, trying to figure out exactly which ingredients are actually needed to make the orders.

    Plus, with big thumbs and fingers, it is hard to move the right stuff to where it needs to go, on a small cell phone screen.
    I have thrown away so much stuff.

    What a shame, I do not think I will get Professor Vernon's Daily 10 points for earning 90 points in the Sweet Shop today.

    And I was on such a roll in the Professer Vernon game.

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    I feel sorry for the person that is in first place in my tournament because I going to destroy him in the end. lol I have at least 120 more tries and unless he has that many, he will lose. I'm going to wait untill about 3 hours left and then play the game. I won the last time using this method. I like to think the first place person goes to bed thinking that he has it won only to wake up to winning second place instead. That is why I let the person stay at least 200 points ahead of me. lol.

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    This is one of the minigames that really annoys me with its bad layout for playing on a phone. The mixers being next to the fruit occasionally results in fruit dropping into the mixer when an order needs a piece of fruit as a topping. Likewise, the size and location of the cream and caramel means they both get covered by all but the slimmest of fingers, again resulting in the occasional wrong food order. Mercifully, Playrix either doesn't like or know of the caramel latte, so that's one less thing to worry about on coffee orders. Part of me wonders if this cramped design is intentional, given how big the Tcash instant refill buttons are (another thing that's easy to bump if you don't have pencil thin fingers)...

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