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Thread: Cannot Access my Co op

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    Cannot Access my Co op


    Please help me to open my co op. and all my friend removed in my list.

    hope you can assist me.


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    What is Co Op

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Couple of questions to help this along.

    Is your game showing you are currently in a co op, or were you trying to create a new co op?

    Can you still add new friends?

    Have you tried to update your game?

    Which platform are you playing on? iOS, Kindle, Windows, Android?
    Thank you, Gary
    Windows 10 PC : Darkwood (Gary) , Silver Lake (Alana) Co-op : Stronger Together

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    ...or do you use an emulator?
    and are the missing friends added through FB?

    and sarastar, you have a look here for Coop.

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