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Thread: Skins!

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    You change your helicopter and trains. What about airport and zoo entrance ship dock. Change your space to have a new look like the train station. Or even have a skin to change water colour.

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    City Market is a good candidate for a fancier look too, tho I'm not sure what turbo mode would look like there.
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    We have to be patient lol
    Those skins available were part of the Profs event which is a new event, only been done twice.
    I woukd imagine the devs are thinking of other skins to introduce, but who knows lol.
    Will be interesting to see what the future Prof events bring us.

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    I bet more skins are the plan And they can get more ideas here, as always - lol at turbo market! THAT would be dangerous - it will have the result of LOTS of suggestions for making things faster.

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