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Thread: Can’t purchase anything

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    Can’t purchase anything

    I can’t purchase any community buildings, houses, or even farming. I’m only able to purchase decorations. What could be the issue?

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    Hi MissMays, Welcome to the forum.
    Firstly is your game fully updated?
    If it is the latest version, the try doing the usual things, close all apps and pages, empty your cache and shut down your device and restart it.
    You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling your game if you feel comfortable doing that.
    If all that fails the next step would be to put a report in through your game, making sure you reply to the automated message.

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    You have to reach fixed thresholds before you can buy some buildings. If they are grey out, you cannot buy them. You have to wait until a certain game level or a certain other building or a population number.

    Without more details, we can't tell you if you have a problem or if it is the regular game play.

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