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Thread: Speed up Raja

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    Speed up Raja

    I am level 67 and a few weeks ago I somehow was able to get Raja to return every 30 min instead of every hour and now I can not figure out how or where to do that. Can someone help me with this.
    Thank you.

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    There's a booster that can be activated in the lab called "Busy Trade", and it cuts the dealer's break time in half (active for 1 day). However, this is one of the "purple boosters", which means it can't be purchased with gems, you can only get it by winning it in events, regatta, from yacht club, etc.
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    i think the dealer is the ONLY thing that can't be speeded up with t-cash

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    Oh OK....I must have won it in a Regatta or challenge. Thank you for clearing it up. I have searched everywhere to speed him up!

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