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Thread: Leader gone missing

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    Leader gone missing

    Hi, we have a possible co-leader problem in our co-op where they seem to have run amok and are deleting loads (dozens) of tasks in a 24 hour period and are not engaging in chat.
    The problem is that the co-op leader has gone missing and we only have two or three other co-leaders. I am an Elder.
    Two questions then: can we get a new leader assigned and can we boot a co-leader if we need to?
    Thank you

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    I am a co-leader and do not see the red Kick button for other co-leaders, so I think only the leader can kick out a co-leader. The wiki says a co-leader can kick, promote or demote anyone but the leader, but I didn't find an interface for kicking the co leader nor for promoting or demoting anybody in my game. Is this info current?

    "CO-LEADER: Members that help their Leaders, as only Leaders and Co-Leaders can promote members to this position. While they can do almost everything Leaders can, Co-Leaders aren't allowed to demote or kick the Leader."
    A co- leader can restrict another co-leader from participating in regatta, though. That would prevent the restricted player from being able to see the task board or delete tasks for the remainder of this race.

    Only the leader can appoint a new leader. The software will appoint a new leader only if the former leader actually deletes the game.
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