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Thread: Regatta Tasks Point Totals

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    Regatta Tasks Point Totals

    I see people complete all 10 regatta tasks in less than an hour from when it starts. I get how they do that, I store up things in advance, etc. (although I’d love to know how you can send 11 ships to an island in less than an hour AND complete 9 other tasks) but I don’t understand how they get 1350 points. All 10 tasks would have to be worth 135 each, and I only have 4 tasks worth 135, if I pick the 10 highest tasks available, I could only get 1235.

    Just curious as to how it works. I would think that if they were an “advanced” player, we would be in different regatta groups or whatever.

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    Teams that do only 135 point tasks will dump all tasks below 135. Tcash can be used to rush the arrival of a new task. Tcash can also be used to rush boats, tho they require an awful lot of tcash.

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