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Thread: Hopping on PC?

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    Hopping on PC?

    I'm interested in hopping in the IS on the PC platform. Unfortunately, I don't have/don't want messenger, and my co-op is too small to get any serious hopping going.
    I'm a rank beginner in this, so if anyone wants to have pity on me and help me discover the world of hopping, I'd appreciate it. My friend code is below. Make sure you use my PC town.
    And because I KNOW you're gonna ask, I'm NOT hopping on mobile. That town is not active enough.
    Lol, that sounds really stiff. Basically, I want to hop, don't have social media. Help!

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    Pardon the odd question, but why hop? Why not find a Co-op that you'll stay with for a long time, get to know people, etc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Kendra View Post
    Pardon the odd question, but why hop? Why not find a Co-op that you'll stay with for a long time, get to know people, etc?
    Hopping isn't about changing co-ops, it's about temporarily leaving your home co-op during the interseasonal regatta to gain more rewards which can benefit both you, and your home team. You can see some basic information about how it works on this thread -“Hopping”

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    Not sure it's something I'd actually condone. If people want to join my Co-op, it's because they want to JOIN my Co-op, like for the long-haul.

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    Players don't typically hop into an existing coop.

    Hopping typically involves one player creating a new coop, taking tasks thru the penultimate goal for the coop goal rewards, then being joined by others to finish the last goal. Then that coop is disbanded and those players find or start another coop to hop to.

    It is a way to earn a lot of tcash by working the smallest, simplest tasks to get the group rewards rather than laboring for rewards from the more difficult individual chests.

    The only losers in this scenario are the members of the home coop the hopper leaves, who are left with coop goals based, in part, on that persons presence in the coop in previous weeks. Still, if only a small portion of coop members leave to hop during IS, the coop goals should still be pretty easily achieved by the remaining members.
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