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    Light of the World~Emily

    How do you Lay Out your Town?

    I enjoy visiting fellow townshippers’ towns and seeing how they decided to arrange their towns. There seem to be two classes: those who just slap down their factories and community buildings wherever they fit, and those who are very strategic in how they lay out their town.
    It is (mostly) to my fellow strategians that I speak.
    How do you find is most efficient of a way to set up your town? Personally, I have an area of my town for fields, an area for animals, and an area for factories. (The screenshots below are from my PC town which is at a lower level, the set-up is the same but expanded for my lvl 74 mobile town.) But I have seen some towns that put a number of fields next to each factory and grow there the products that factory needs, for example, they put a few fields next to their bakery and grow wheat there. There may be other methods, too.
    I’d like to see answers that both tell me what they decided to do and why. I’m really interested in the why. Also, what do you all do with your community buildings and houses? Mine are packed in the back of my town.
    Can't wait to hear your ideas.
    EDIT : Can't seem to get the screenshots to upload. You can visit me at the towns in my signature...
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