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Thread: How do YOU Prioritize Upgrading?

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    Light of the World~Emily

    How do YOU Prioritize Upgrading?

    Spinning off what Rocketto asked earlier, but with a broader view.

    Is upgrading your first priority for your ingots?
    When you do upgrade, what do you focus on--coins, XP, or time?
    How far do you upgrade your factories? <--Rocketto's question

    Interested to hear your opinions.

    Just a note: I am NOT asking what I should do in my town. Instead, I am asking what YOU do in YOUR town. If I especially like some of your strategies, I may "steal" them.

    Also, if possible, give your reasons for what you do, so that knowledge may be furthered for all. Thank you!

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    The most important upgrading is time, I think.

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    My top use for ingots is upgrading.

    I upgrade for time whenever possible, coins are next, then shelves. I don't even want to upgrade for xp.

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    For me it's time > coin > XP. I am never going to choose XP, because I feel like I don't need it. I level up pretty fast and after I get the last item (lvl 103) I don't really see the point leveling up. I always need coins though. Even after I complete every enclosure, build every factory/CBs/houses, buy every land, I can still use them for expensive decorations. Like the 10K fences or the upscale houses, which I really like. Also, wanna get every achievment, so have to buy a bunch of statues from the walk of fame and I don't intend to use too much t-cash for those useless (sorry, my opinion) decos.

    And even after I buy all of these, I can still just use the coin upgrades as a permanent heli booster. Buy everything from market, sell and then profit without an active booster. Or you know, just use it for coin tasks, like Gary did (and many others).

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    For the trains definetely time is the most important.

    For factories (for me) it's the extra shelves, then time, then xp (just love uplevelling my town) then coins.

    At this point my factories are all level 21/ 22. Don't know yet if I will continue upgrading past level 27, but I think I'll do so. (Btw, I didn't build all factories; I buy missing items from Raja.)

    I use ingots for ships very rarely; and I never sell them to the mafia guy. So, yes, upgrading is my first priority for ingots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me Me Big Boy View Post
    My top use for ingots is upgrading.

    I upgrade for time whenever possible, coins are next, then shelves. I don't even want to upgrade for xp.
    Same here.

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    My priority are shelves, time and coins in factories, time in trains and ships. I reduce ships to 5hrs already and the effort is worth of doing it. Trains I`m at level 22, so time is closed for upgrading. From factories I try to make priority, feed mill completed, then diary, sugar and milk, then all basic products used in other factories. Work fine for me so far. New factories I rush with shelves then the rest I upgrad if needed. I have all factories, CB and houses.

    Reasons: more shelves is good for finishing product on them and collect when needed, time is very important for faster production.

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    My priority is 1 time, 2 shelves, 3 coins and never do XP unless the game only lets me take that one.

    Where to spend is the harder call, but really there's no totally wrong answer, since we'll do them sooner or later.

    For the islands, I upgraded the longest island first. Once I got Tropica to be faster than Fish, I started upgrading fish as well. I always choose time for islands unless the game forces me to choose another feature. Imo a 1% better chance of coconuts is laughably small.

    I have upgraded trains some, but not a lot. They seem to show up often enough for normal game play, expecially now that they are asking for huge quantities of crops. When I take trains for a task, it's usually because I am ready for a break and wanting to slow things down, anyway.

    My feed mills are maxed, all my other factories need work. I have upgraded most the ones I use most plus the ones that become log jams when doing a lot of copters. There are some factories that always seem to get backed up making replacement items, like jams, and factories that get backed up making ingredients for replacement items, like dairy, sugar and textiles. Those are the ones I look to upgrade first. Meanwhile there are factories I have barely upgraded at all because, though the products are used a lot, I seem to always have enough and the queues rarely seem to get long in those. I won't post which ones for fear the devs will see that and decide to start requesting them more.
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    I think most of us use the same (or similar) strategy for factories. Shelves (level 11), Time when available, else coins, XP if no other option. Most people recommend not leveling up too quickly as it leads to the need to build several factories and CBs all at the same time leading to coin and material shortages. I didn't know that in the early days and I did upgrade for XP until I found out about the downside.

    I went for trains first though, to level 21 (-50% time) and then for Islands level 21 (-50% time) and then returned to factories. There are achievement levels for upgrading factories to certain levels with T-Cash awards and when I was T-Cash poor I went for those levels first. As with trains and islands, having a goal to reach (for example, upgrade 18 factories to level 15) set the priority for the upgrades, took the decision making out of the equation. If a new factory was introduced I would switch to doing it until reaching level 11 (+2 shelves).

    Afterwards, I took a slower approach to upgrading, that is, I would just let ingots pile up, getting them from full planes, chests, the occasional regatta task to smelt them, etc. When the barn was getting full I'd use the ingots to upgrade some factories. At this point choosing which factory to upgrade became more difficult, so many good choices. So I built a spreadsheet so I could view the upgrade data all at once instead of scrolling through the Academy of Industry. A picture is below:


    It took awhile to enter all the ingot requirements as none of this is "generated", it's all manually entered. I enter the number of ingots I have at the top and the factory names change color, white (or "no color") means I cannot upgrade, green says I have enough ingots to do that factory, and blue says I have enough ingots but the factory is already at -50% time so why bother. Once I upgrade any given factory, I change the data for that factory, add the new ingot requirements for the next level, and update the top line since I used some ingots. I generally sort the data with 2 keys, factory level and bronze ingots needed. Column 1 is a sort key to put the list back into the order they appear in the Academy of Industry.

    One thing I did notice was that the number of Platinum ingots needed is much lower and so I use platinum almost exclusively when adding ingots to ships for regatta tasks.

    Anyway, now I can at least stare at the data to see if it's telling me anything Generally I target getting factories to the point where a "time" upgrade becomes available, levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, and 26, so their next upgrade will reduce production time.

    If I even get to the end (all level 27) I will then turn to the Jewelry factory, still at level 1. No reason to do that other than symmetry

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    Light of the World~Emily
    cdosr, very comprehensive reply! Thank you. I may implement the spreadsheet idea.
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