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Thread: Wildscapes constant advert? Very annoying

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    Wildscapes constant advert? Very annoying

    Is anyone else finding the constant advertisement to install 'Wildscapes' appearing over the top of the game frustrating? Has been happening for a few days now. Whenever I open Township (about five times a day) it pops up to install it. I can't be the only one driven mad, surely?

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    I'm with you friend, that thing drives me crazy! It wouldn't be so bad if it disappeared after clicking on it, but it stays there throbbing at me... my question for you now is how do you only open Township 5 times a day? Lol =D

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    I just ignore it. It doesn’t interfere with my game so it’s not a big deal for me.
    However, I understand it can be annoying, it really should go away once players have decided they don’t want to install it.

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    Few month ago it was the same situation and it take few weeks I think. It look like occasionally force the game with this type of advertising. Not very fare I think.
    I download the game and now is peace.

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