Call me 'old-school', 'crotchety', 'rude', whatever... But I have a rule of thumb that I have chosen to adhere to while playing Township. I enjoy helping other players. I took forward to it. It's truly difficult to play this game without the kindness and generosity of those who have the same spirit of camaraderie.

That said, I don't mind admitting it here, if your town pops up on my list of those who need help filling boxcars, plane crates or zoo baskets, I'm probably going to check YOUR stats first, just to see if you're just a taker or if you are also a giver.

I was just going through my list of players who need help a few minutes to one who has made it all the way to level 74 and in all that time, has only helped ONE other player. ONE. But this person pops up on my list frequently, looking for a handout. They aren't at all bashful about asking for things in large quantities, either.

Even now, when we are meant to be rewarded (in the event tasks) for helping others, this person can't be bothered to do a good turn for someone else who needs it. What must they be like in real life situations?

Sorry, but I will not bend to these players needs...selfishness irritates the you-know-what out of me and I'm just here now to let you know my stance on the issue. I think more players should handle it this way... If you don't plan to pitch in and share with others, don't come to me when you're up against it. End of rant.