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Thread: New farm in township

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    New farm in township

    Township is a good game.I think in the game there can be a new farm.The farm is onion farm.Onion is an important crop.From it lots of goods can be made.
    Onion farm is a farm which contain four fields.If give it fertilizer it will give onion and spring onion.The fertilizers are the foods.The better food, the better onions and spring onion you can get like the otter farm.The foods are-
    1-Peper. Peper contain a lot of calsium and other vitamins.If give them peper,1 onion, and 0-1 spring onion.
    2-Watermelon.Watermelon contain vitemins and nitrogen which onion plant need.If give the onion fields watermelon, it will give 1 spring onion and 2 onion.
    3-fish. A fish contain calsium,protein,phosphorus,omega 3 and it is good for every plants.It is also good for onion plants.If give the onion fields fish,it will give 3onions and 1-3 spring onion.
    The products which can be made from onion and spring onion are-
    In the fast food restaurant there can be onion rings.
    Onion rings ingredients-2 onion,1egg and 1 bread.
    In the jam factory there can be onion marmalade.
    Onion marmalade ingredients-3 onion
    In the grill factory there can be baked onion.
    Baked onion ingredients-2 onions 1 cream.
    In the asian restaurant there can be onion rice.
    Onion rice ingredients-1onion,1 spring onion and 3 rice.
    In the snak factory there can be onion chips.
    Onion chips ingredients-2onions.
    Again in the grill factory there can be fried spring onion.
    Fried spring onion ingredients-2 spring onion
    Again,in the grill factory there can be onion omlet.
    Onion omlet ingredients-1 onion,1egg and two spring onion.
    Again in the asian restaurant there can be onion salad.
    Onion salad ingredients-2 onion,1 spring onion and 1 carrot.
    Again in the asian restaurant there can be onion kebab.
    Onion kebab ingredients-2 onion 1 chilli,1 bread.
    In the bakery there can be onion pie.
    Onion pie ingredients=2 onion,3 wheat.
    So this game should make onion farm.It is an important crop.
    So,pleasssse follow my request .

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    Despite that being certainly a nicely thought out idea again, IMO, no thanks. Apart from having enough to do with this kind of gameplay already, and not having enough shelves (or barn space), I'd find pepper needs too long to be used that way, and island goods are much too hard to get, they're used much already (yeah, except plums), f.e. fish for the otters.

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    I can appreciate your idea, however, I agree with DD, we have enough to do without adding to the burden.

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    I'm sorry Atifville, but since no trees are involved in this idea I am unable to support it

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    No more anything please. I would prefer if we simplified the game. Get rid of peanuts, festive factory and regatta. I like the new side games especially the rewards. I do not mind spending 1 tcash to help a friend with a particularly difficult crate and would like to see this option continued.

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