In answer to my question of where to go for the continuation of my Sculpture thread in the Lounge our Admin Anna mentioned the possibility of using 'Groups' as an alternative platform to share each others stories.
You as a community are worth it to investigate this possibility further and hopefully we can create a valuable tool of it to keep in touch as we did in good old Lounge.

The information she send me you can find here.

A new area (at least for me) to explore so my first question to you is:

- Is there anyone of you that has experience with creating / managing Groups?

My first impression is that groups are more or less invisible on this Forum.
A guideline to the groups would be handy, right?

- You need to be a member of this Forum to log in and only after logging in the Community part is visible for you on the main page of Forum and Township.
After logging in there are several ways to find groups and new group messages. Simply click on 'new messages' and then on 'Activity stream'. Then you click the button 'new group messages'

Unlike threads the groups do not show the number of views.
It is therefore difficult to 'read' the popularity of a subject other than by the number of reactions.

To start a group of your own? Click here to get to the group page and click on '+ Create group'.
You can choose for Public / Moderated / Invite only as group type.
Any member can join public and moderated groups.
Users must be approved by a group leader before membership is finalized for moderated groups.
Invite Only groups require that a group leader invite a user before they can join.

The only category available at the moment is 'Uncategorized'.
Maybe Admin can add more possibilities like 'My Co-op', 'Hoppers', 'Lounge' and so on to this?

And yes, I started my own little experiment on the sequel of the Sculpture thread.
Just to learn but hopefully successfully to invite you to join in with your own Story group.