Hi there
I wonder if yalls like to use town cash for the last moment in regatta/events, and also do you ever think that you better pay to finish or wait, skip it or dump it?
And if you pay for it are you sure you winning it? I mean I will pay for the last task for example but someone else maybe think paying for the last chance gotta make them win it!
I did not post the thread for myself only but for my friends who guess having t cash will make everything easy, I only use my t cash for example for the dealer and for another last task, or if I go wrong my mistake in events I'm ready to pay if I'm ready to win!
So tell me about your opinion, since I wasn't never a person that ready to pay in game, this was my first game I pay for it inside the game, because I felt it wroth it, waiting to hear everybody's opinion on what they
ready to pay on township, event's, regatta, normal playing, decorations or what's else? And tell me also if you never pay real money for another games what makes you ready to pay for township like me?