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Thread: Privacy switch for airplane helps

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    Privacy switch for airplane helps

    I think it would be an awesome idea to include a switch in your airport that allows you to toggle your airplane help as public to all your township friends or to just your coop.
    That way if theres a coop member that has a crate task they get first shot at filling your crates. Then If they couldn't help, you could switch your helps to public so that any township friend can see that you need help.

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    This suggestion may or may not help you, but when my plane-trains come in, I type in co-op chat - to my one and only member - a heads up on the time they arrive This way they get a chance to fill the crates first

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    It also can be shown for someone isn't in co-op or friend list so that's maybe can help you filling airport or train faster, even if you haved the ability to choose who can help, you still maybe have faster help by not choosing who can help you.

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    As someone with a slow connection, that would be a cool idea.
    During crates season, and when prof Verne tasks turn everyone into helpers, our team says what will be needed, and turn off their connection to FB. Even so we keep getting beaten to the clover by 'ninjas'.
    It might place a bit too much pressure on small co-ops though.

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    Yeah ninjas is a good way to describe them 😄 some people are so quick! But yeah I can see that this idea would have its flaws. It would be a lot harder to find people to help

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