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Thread: Asking for help in Co-op

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    Asking for help in Co-op

    In Stronger Together (PC) we average around a 1000 helps per race.
    My wife and I try to ask for help in 1 box per train and 3 per plain. I know there are times when I'm hurrying to finish a task that I will fill all the boxes.
    We play pass the wheat in co-op chat. If you don't need to request anything to help your game out you request wheat. Now 15 minutes (random amount of time I picked) the same person who gave you wheat may request it back. It helps you with getting the Super Girl icon for 1 thing. Plus it gives coins and the all important clovers.
    I know I like clovers. I generally play the HOL 1-2 times a day using around 50-75 clovers. I always keep enough to do a 135 HOL task in the Regatta. My wife will sometimes play 200 or more clovers through the HOL in a day. She is a super helper. Last race she had over 600 helps by herself.

    So what do you do? Is your co-op worried about helping out?

    Just curious,

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    I've done the wheat thing and I notice that sometimes I get a clover after giving 5 wheat, so I leave the other 5 wheat for somebody else to get a clover from.

    when a fellow co-op member is doing a plane crate task or a train box task, we will try to coordinate the afh by communicating in chat and timing the afh so that somebody else doesn't beat the co-op member to the punch. We will even delay the sending of a train or plane while our fellow member preps the product.

    on another topic, I will check a stranger's help statistics and, right or wrong, will be reluctant to help someone who hasn't helped a lot of other people themselves.

    I easily get 50 or more clovers a day without too much effort.

    Play for fun, but remember that it's fun to win.

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    Our coop is smaller so I think at the end of a race week most of us are usually at around 300 helps. You can only earn 5 clovers per day from the chat. My teammates don't ask for help on every train and plane. I usually do - I don't always wait very long before I fill it myself but I feel like I gave whoever was on a chance at collecting some clovers. Someone that isn't on our team anymore had suggested requesting as much as possible and it didn't go over well so I just let it drop.

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    I know Doug plays on PC. What platform do you play on Avon?

    I know there are some very distinct differences in the mobiles than pc.

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