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Thread: Zoo Level?

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    Question Zoo Level?

    How can you tell what level your zoo is? By the number of animals/enclosures? If that’s the case, then I have 37 animals.


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    In mobile versions of the games, I don't think the zoo has its own levels like it did under the old version of the zoo.

    I checked the wiki and couldn't find any mention levels for the zoo only player levels.

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    Since the Mac got the new Zoo Windows is the only platform with Zoo levels left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steviebabs View Post
    How can you tell what level your zoo is? By the number of animals/enclosures? ...
    You can tell how far you are by the number of animals. As the others said, no levels anymore (except still for Windows).

    At the moment (!), the max. amount of animals is 200.
    You see that inside your zoo book in the "All"-tab. (screenshot 2)

    How many animals you - or someone else - has *sitting in their enclosures* (i.e. finished) you see in your or their Town Hall, below Town lvl, where we had the zoo lvl in earlier times. When you tap on that number, it shows the description "number of animals in (your?) zoo". (screenshot 1)
    - You land at someone's Town Hall when visiting, unless you come for a request (then you can find it by the symbol over the building).

    In the zoo you see the amount of animals you have vs the available general amount by the addition of the amount of "freed" animals AND those sitting in (on) your zoo book (screenshot 3).

    So, with 37, animal cards as event prizes might be pleasant for you.

    Screenshot_20200312-090331-min.jpg ​(tap to enlarge)


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