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    Paid focus group

    Hi, this is my first time posting, so please bare with me.

    First, I would like to thank the various posters who posted the wishlist, new to township ideas, etc. It really helps, especially with the explanations of why the developers will/will not do certain things.

    A little bit about me, I started to play Township, because I got tired of the match-3 games and having to wait for more lives or being stuck on a level for multiple days or the furniture choices given. Township is all about multi-tasking and running your town as you see fit. I love that you can rearrange the town as you get more community buildings/factories. In an estimated 9.5 months, I have been able to get all community buildings and factories and have reached my population cap of 22,775 at level 96. Now with that being said, I admit that I play Township like it’s my career (currently I am unemployed, so I have the time). So, within a couple of months playing, I came up with a great idea, which is what I would love your feedback on.

    I propose that Playrix hires players like me to be a special focus group. While I do realize they have beta testers, I consider beta testers to essentially work out the quirks before that update goes widespread (they do a great job by the way). What I would like this focus group to be is more as players to get after the widespread of an updates who give more defined feedback about likes/dislikes of an event or possible future community buildings/factories. While I realize some players don’t want more community buildings/factories (I understand this feeling), I feel some players may want/need these to keep players playing for years to come. So I have come up with a way for Playrix to monitor these focus group players: instead of saying you have to work 40 hrs/week, set numbers for planes/trains/helicopter orders. I would say send off 20 planes, 50 trains and 100 helicopter orders per week. By setting numbers, it would be easier to keep track of vs a tedious process of keeping track of hours played. Also, Playrix could offer quarterly bonuses for more active players. I would recommend each focus group player keep a spreadsheet of their own progress and email it to their manager to ensure everyone’s numbers match. I would recommend paying these focus group players $50,000USD/year as a 1099 contractor (meaning it’s the responsibility of each player to handle their own taxes, their own benefits, and no overtime pay).

    Imagine the detailed feedback and ideas that could be earned from this focus group of players.

    While I have posted similar ideas on Township mobile Facebook, with some negative feedback but mostly positive, I haven’t posted my in this much detail. I have tried to reach out to the biz developer, influencers, support, and press email addresses for Playrix multiple times, but I haven’t heard anything from Playrix.I was just wondering what you might think of this idea and let’s get it implemented.

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    OR they could read the feedback, often detailed and taking various styles of play into consideration, that we post here in the forum, free, gratis, pro bono.

    Players are also able to give feedback on FB and via Support in-game.
    Here, everyone's opinions are treated with equal respect. Your suggestion.strikes me as "some pigs more equal than others" but have just finished planning my town's Wigan Pier area.

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    Personally I don't think it's a very good idea. A focus group - yes - sure. But a focus group made up of a certain category of players ie. people who spend an almost unlimited amount of time on the game - no. Those players aren't a true representation of the majority of people who play. As for paying people to do this, that opens them up to false feedback just to gain money. $50,000 per year - you are joking aren't you?

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    There are plenty of players that play like it is their job. Plenty of feedback from players of all types as well. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

    That said, if Township is offering $50,000 to play the game.... I have excellent references, I'm very loyal, never take a sick day, and my only weakness is I'm a perfectionist

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    Playrix get the feedback they need and I’m sure if they didn’t they would ask for more.
    I can’t see the TS devs or devs of any game paying fir feedback. Do you know of one that does?
    Sorry but this is a totally not needed idea, and after all the years the game has been going I think’ it’s a bit late to implement it now.
    No business will spend any amount of money fir something they don’t need.

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