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Btw Ruud, lovely story, sounds pretty where you live. You've got me wondering where the Scottish Highlanders came from though?!
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Frae the Hielans?
Not seeing the connection though.
Excuses mois lazyness in translation
These 'Schotse Hooglanders' are maybe more recognizable when I name them Highland Cows.

The parks in my city have been maintained for several years according to the 'natural management' principle.
The highland cattle have been there since the beginning and there have never been any incidents between these animals and the walking public.
Only in winter does a young bull ever want to try whether the ice in the ditch is strong enough. The grass on the other side seems a little greener to him.
But apart from a wet suit through a quick rescue, that is a learning moment that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

An asphalted cycle path has been laid in another park closer to my work so that you cycle in the middle of these cows.
Only in the night do I drive around that park to avoid collisions in the dark.