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Thread: Removing players that don't work and replacing them

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    Removing players that don't work and replacing them

    I have a 2 part question, when I kick people that are not playing at all, I can't replace them, I have about 5 that are just members that are not working on the game at all, but I am scared to kick them. I don't have 12 members but only 5-6 that are playing the game. 2 I guess my question is how do I get NEW members, the game says I am at my limit. If that is because I have kicked some, why can't you allow new members to join Co-OP.?

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    How do I replace my members that I have kicked with new members? I have not been allowed to add. Game says I'm at my limit. I only have 12 members including me as leader.

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    I'm not sure whether you're talking about two different things here. You can only invite people who are on your friends list to join your co-op. But you are only allowed to have 50 in-game friends. If you have reached this limit you would have to "un-friend" some people before you can add more. Alternatives are to link your game to Facebook where you can add many more friends, or to advertise for co-op members, either in the relevant thread here, or in one of the many groups on social media. Good luck.

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    Another alternative is to have members from your Coop invite some of their friends.
    Or set the Coop status to "open" and see who comes in. That will need a bit of clarification in coop coop chat then, though - about rules and participation and all.

    And you can check the thread with player ads also:

    Note how to contact them (no Coop ads in that thread).

    I also think that the msg about being limited refers to your Friends list. Every Coop can have 30 members, no other limit.

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