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Thread: Buying building supplies

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    Buying building supplies

    So will the game ever allow us to buy building supplies, like everyone in my group and myself keep complaining about not having enough building supplies. Please add buying building supplies to the game.

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    We can purchase them with T-cash, but they are VERY expensive!

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    Yes, OP is right you can purchase them with T-Cash. Yes, its expensive, but it can be earn by:
    Participating in Township Mobile Facebook events you can earn 50-250 Tcash.
    Placing Top 3 in Community Events with Competitions rewards 15-50 Tcash.
    Participating in Community Events at the Event Market rewards 3-12+ Tcash
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    Hi Alyssa, Welcome to the forum.
    Unfortunately this is on the no no list.
    Whilst the devs have deferred from this I doubt they will regarding building materials.
    Reason being they want 2 things...
    First they want you to spend tcash to get what you need and second they want your game to progress slowly.
    From the start they said they want this to be a forever game.

    When you have time may I suggest you take a look at the stickies at the top of this sub forum, and in the others.
    You will find many tips and strategies long term players have used over the years.
    Enjoy your game, lots if patience needed, but mostly have fun

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