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Thread: Play different township games on different family ipads

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    Play different township games on different family ipads

    My wife started playing Township and I thought it looked like a fun game. I loaded it on my ipad and started and ended up with her game on it. It says in the FAQs I can play on different device but I now have three ipads with the same game on all of them. Could not find anywhere in game to actually leave a message for playrix. It describes how to do it but I never get the option to say the FAQ did not help. Any ideas? I even tried using a different Apple ID but it had no affect.
    , still the same game

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    Could it be you're using the same FB account or a family account somewhere...? I seem to recall having read about that.

    For contact, check the link

    and use a different category (until they don't close your report right away, that's just their newest...uhm... idea.).
    Also note you need to reply to the first automated reply, but probably not to the 2nd (just read it, to know what is expected). Good luck!

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