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Thread: 19.11 New Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Francis Trego View Post

    Please let us know once you have the exact time for the Kindle upgrade.
    I will definitely post an announcement as soon as the update for Kindle is out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jane Sutton Wild View Post
    Hi I can't get the new update on samsung galaxy tab 4 10.1 plc help have checked everything up todate

    Did you try to re-install the game from Google Play?

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    Courtney Bauer
    The update is not available on my Samsung Galaxy 4, I use Amazon Appstore for Android. I'm not going to uninstall to reinstall with Google Play. Is the Amazon Android update available at the same time as the Kindle update?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuen Pham View Post

    Did you try to re-install the game from Google Play?

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    Linda Bowman
    Hi y'all. Trying to figure out if the update for Kindle is out yet. When I try to go to my game, it says an update is ready. But when I try to update my game, it won't update. I even tried shutting my Kindle off and restarting it. I guess my question is, if I uninstall the game and then hopefully, install the update, will all my coins, buildings etc still be there or will I have to start all over ?

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    Roger Francis Trego

    -I am not jealous of the other players on this forum discussing the latest upgrade features.
    -I'm ok not being able to fill other people trains, because they have the new upgrade.
    -I don't mind not being able to use my preferred strategy because my barn is full of construction good that I cannot use on new buildings because I still don't have the new upgrade.
    -I love the announcement about a new event, and it is ok if I cannot participate because I don't have the new upgrade.

    Overall, I know everything comes in due time and I'm a patient man.

    Now... maybe the OTHER Kindle users may want to have an update on when their version will be upgraded

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    An update for Kindle will be out tomorrow. We do appreciate your patience a lot guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuen Pham View Post
    An update for Kindle will be out tomorrow. We do appreciate your patience a lot guys!
    And what's your excuse for starting the event before getting us the update? Are you going to extend it for us? Absolutely not, who cares whether or not Kindle players can meet the goals. After all we don't count.

    In case you haven't noticed from my last several posts, I'm pretty UPSET (I can't use the words I'd really like to use) with Playrix, I find this totally inexcusable! I'm sure if this was happening to either of the other platform players they'd be screaming too. Fortunately for them, Playrix cares about them and wouldn't pull a stunt like this on them.

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    Kristi, totally agree with you. Hopefully the new event will be extended for us Kindle users, but I'm not holding my breath. Apologies needed.

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    Roger Francis Trego
    I agree with you 2.
    I'm a developper, so I can understand the delays and the glitches. Problems do happen.

    Starting the event without us... not cool. Events are quite a new thing, so fine.

    Just... think about us next time.

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    I want to add my disappointment along with all other kindle users. We are are always the last to get updates. I really love this game as it
    Fun to play no only for myself, but also for my grandkids. Now they want the new version but it's unavailable for kindle. I call foul on this and all updates unless they are available for all users at the same time.

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