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Thread: Solution to accidentally deleting the video guy

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    Solution to accidentally deleting the video guy

    Whoops, I once again accidentally deleted the video guy in the helicopter orders. Which hurts both myself and Playrix so you'd think they'd want to give players a way to protect against that.

    I propose a simple fix: Put a setting in the Additional Settings screen that gives us the option to Never Delete Video Orders. With this flag turned on, don't have the trash can icon appear when the video guy appears amongst the helicopter orders. (The trash can would remain for all the other people offering orders.) This would be a simple and effective fix.

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    I'd second that

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    I thought this was a problem that resolves itself. Doesn't he come back the next day?
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    Nonetheless the OP offers a new solution and a good compromise between those players/posters who keep wanting for a confirmation for heli deletions and others (me included) who don't want that due to high numbers of using heli orders and no extra clicks. A general setting would work for both, w/o having to tell others how they "should" play (= slower *g*).
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    I've read the more he's deleted the longer he's gone. ( So I like the suggestion.)

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    Mine is gone for months, totally ruing my game

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    Just remember, some people rarely get Mr Movie Man. I played for a year before I knew what people were talking about
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