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Thread: Where to post now that the lounge is closed?

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    Where to post now that the lounge is closed?

    Now that the lounge is closed where should people post questions specific to the forum? For example: requests to change user name/difficulties with using the forum such as signatures, posting screenshots, problems with posting and joining/introducing ourselves and welcoming new members, or just chatting etc. Is this the right place?

    And does this change mean that there are more rules about what we are and aren't allowed to say? If so what are they?


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    The more relevant (technical) threads will soon be moved from the Lounge in other appropriate sections, other than that, the rules are still the same, nothing changed. Each sub-forum has its own topic, same as always.
    If anything needs further clarification, feel free to send me a PM.
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    What a lot I have missed

    Wow, how sad to come back to the forum and discover an entire section has been closed! I do hope there are plans to move some of the wonderful threads from there to the discussions or designs section of the forum.

    IMO a lot of them did indeed have a reference to Township the game. I loved the connections people made from real life with their towns in Township. What a shame to close these conversations down. I don't know what harm they were causing anybody, and am confused by the decision.

    Well I hope to see some interesting threads pop up in the design section to replace them

    I was hoping Playrix were going to be more supportive of the forum that has been here since the very beginning. A sense of loyalty to a Community that has supported them! That is still my hope for the future

    Out of interest where will be the appropriate place to put these conversations that fitted so well in the Lounge? Like new forum members introducing themselves?

    Anyway lots to read and catch up on!
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