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Thread: Township Last Meal on Earth

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    Township Last Meal on Earth

    With the addition of some weird (unappetizing to me) mushroom products, and the recently ended Smoothie event (they looked refreshing!) it got me thinking... if you were a Township prisoner and were offered anything as your last meal on Earth, what would it be?

    And as a twist, what would you order for your worst enemy?

    My Last Meal: Since they have yet to make wine from all those island grapes, I'd start with a Tropical Mix drink (hope they spike it!), bread, and olive oil. Main course I'd be hitting up the fast food restaurant for a shake, burger, and fries. Maybe an iced tea too because it looks refreshing and hard to mess up. And for dessert, I'd take a Caffé Mocha and a Pineapple Sorbet.

    Last Meal for my Enemy: Let's just start with a Scallop Sushi (or any of the sushi) because although I love good sushi I think Township sushi might come from a rundown gas station... and throw in a side of Dried Mushrooms. Followed by a mushroom salad and Roast Meat, maybe even throw in a raw Fish because they have always made me squeamish. I'm gonna give a Brownie for dessert because they look like they were baked a year ago.

    I can't remember what they all were, but in the cooking events there are some really strange orders I might have to toss my enemy as a bonus

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    I would be happy eating my last meal from the Italian restaurant.
    I agree with you about Township sushi....never eat sushi that has been stockpiled in a barn!!

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    LOL -- after looking at the new mushroom dishes my sister suggested we buy Playrix a cook book.

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    I would be happy eating my last meal from the Italian restaurant. I never eat sushi from the barn.

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