With the addition of some weird (unappetizing to me) mushroom products, and the recently ended Smoothie event (they looked refreshing!) it got me thinking... if you were a Township prisoner and were offered anything as your last meal on Earth, what would it be?

And as a twist, what would you order for your worst enemy?

My Last Meal: Since they have yet to make wine from all those island grapes, I'd start with a Tropical Mix drink (hope they spike it!), bread, and olive oil. Main course I'd be hitting up the fast food restaurant for a shake, burger, and fries. Maybe an iced tea too because it looks refreshing and hard to mess up. And for dessert, I'd take a Caffé Mocha and a Pineapple Sorbet.

Last Meal for my Enemy: Let's just start with a Scallop Sushi (or any of the sushi) because although I love good sushi I think Township sushi might come from a rundown gas station... and throw in a side of Dried Mushrooms. Followed by a mushroom salad and Roast Meat, maybe even throw in a raw Fish because they have always made me squeamish. I'm gonna give a Brownie for dessert because they look like they were baked a year ago.

I can't remember what they all were, but in the cooking events there are some really strange orders I might have to toss my enemy as a bonus